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RZ-W3 Wireless Nano Blue Light Steam Spray Disinfection Sprayer Gun USB Charging Sanitizer Sprayer Steam Spray Gun
Price RM19.90 RM59.00
Product SKU Spray-Gun-RZW3-050
Size (L x W x H) 20 cm x 25 cm x 30 cm
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Product model: rz-w3

Product color: white

Charging time: 3 hours for one charge

Water bottle capacity: 800ml

Power supply voltage: 5V

Product power: 10W

Battery capacity: 1200-3000mah

Color box size: 24 * 19 * 8.7cm



1. High-Quality Nano Spray Port, Use ABS Heat Resistant Material, Fast Fogging, Large Amount of Mist.

2. Porous Heat Dissipation, The Device Releases A Large Amount Of Nano-Spray While The Hull Intelligent Heat Dissipation.

3. Adjust The Quantity Of Fog According To The Softness.

Package Included:

Sprayer *1, USB charging line *1, instruction *1