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Simply K - 4Ply Kids KF99 Nanosilver Surgical Face Masks Earloop (10 Pcs)
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Size (L x W x H) 19 cm x 8 cm x 8 cm
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Simply K - 4Ply 【KF99】Surgical Face Mask - Double Meltblown Material

NanoSilver Protection

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Fluid resistance (against bio-fluids & droplets) 80mmHg
BFE (bacterial filtration efficiency) 98%
PFE 0.1μ (particulate filtration efficiency) 98%
Low breathability resistance (ΔP) : 3.0 mmH2O/cm² ( - MIL-M 36954C)
Non-Woven Fabric & Double Melt-Blown Filter Fabric
Ear Loop
For personal daily health protection. Disposable Basic Face Antiviral Masks, Filters out bacteria, dust, pollen, and smoke.
Premium Quality
Ultra gentle & Ultra soft, suitable for sensitive skin (pimple skin or redness skin)
Extra soft inner and outer layer that are kind to skin
Maximum breathability
Single use Surgical Face Mask
Suitable for daily use