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Non-Stick Electric BBQ Frying Pan Teppanyaki Grill Pan Smokeless 22cm
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Size (L x W x H) 26 cm x 25 cm x 10 cm
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Rated Voltage :220V-50Hz
Color : Green , Red ,Yellow
Frying Pan : Medical Stone

1.This electric cooking pot is only permitted to be used at the rated voltage of 220V.
2. When using , put water and food into pot first, and the food cintained should not exceed the highest water level (15mm below the mouth of the pot), so as to avoid the danger of overflowing whenthe water boils, Then plug in the wire ans connect the power supply . At this time , the indicator light is on , indicating that the electric heating pot is working.
3.After the food is cooked, cut off the power supply directly and enjoy it.
4.During the use of electric cooking pot, it should be taken care of to prevent liquid overflow and wetting the base after boiling , which will affect the insulation perform ance of the product.
5.Before the first use , according to the above instruction , the electric cooking pot should be filled to the highest water level , boiled and poured out , and poured out , and the washed with cold water.

Cleasing and Maintenance:
1.Pull out the plug and wire connector before cleaning .
2. The outside of the electric cooking pot can be wiped with wet cloth . Do not use coarse cloth to avoid scratching the surface.
3.If there is ash stain or rust stain on the inside of the electric cooking pot , it can be removed with a little cleaning agent.
4.After each use , please clear the food in the pot.
5.The inner surface of the electric cooking pot may change color after using for a period of time, while this will never affect its function. Please don't worry.

1.If the water in the elecric cooking pot is too full, the boiling water may be sprayed out. During the use , the temperature of the pot body is high. Chirldren should be prevented from touching and using it to avoid accidents. When the water is boiling, care should be taken to prevent boiling water or water vapor from being burnt . Do not turn on the power when there is no water in the cooker.
2.When the electric cooking pot is used or cleaned , the power plug should be unplugged fist , and the appliance should not be immersed in water for cleaning. Do not splash water into the base. Otherwise, the insulation performance of the product may be affected , which may cause leakage.
3.When the electric cooking pot is first used , there will be traces of smoke and odor, which is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the quality of the quality of the product. Please feel free to use.
4.Due to the light and screen setting, the items colour may be slightly different from the pictures.
5.Please allow slight dimension difference (1~3 cm) due to manual measurement.